Welcome to My Blog………..

Hey Everyone,


This is the start of something new for me. And I am super excited to share this blog with you.

This will not be a blog with boring content telling you to eat boring meals, training 5 times a week or to take X, Y, Z supplements.

I am sure you will agree with me in saying that life is completely for living and not for being bogged down being told what we should and shouldn’t do. Working hard and being driven is something we all do with work and possibly if you already train in a gym or have an active lifestyle you have a balanced life.


This is number one in my eyes. Although we often forget to be present in moments we have and can get caught up in the chase. If you’re reading this then thank you, Fat loss, Well Being, Diet and Nutrition guides and helpful realistic information will be shared. The chase is a problem for most these days.


Not having your own time to read, relax in a bath or simply sit down and have a drink of water for 5 minutes. When you sit down having been on the go all day, I kid you not you could sit and super chill. But I bet you’re not?!

Why Thooooo?!


Because we are too bothered about social media and catching up on the latest on Facebook or Instagram.



When you can sit down and read my Blogs, they will make you laugh, think and absorb useful information. It will be in my talk, my chat.


I will let you look forward to the first one tomorrow.

Best Regards







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