Thought Scams only happened to the much older Generation?! Well No Actually..

Yes It has been a while Guys and Gals

So many many apologies as to why I have been quiet. I really hope this blog will keep your interest. I know its not very festive but when we are all on the busy lead up….I want you to all know about this.

This time of the year brings about many challenges for us all. And my biggest one was the middle of October just gone.

Before you read this your probably thinking why am I telling you this on my blog, Well I would hate you to go through what I did.


It was a Saturday early evening when I had a call. It was “Natwest”, “Hello Miss Elley this is Natwest to tell you, we have noticed some unusual activity on your account?!”

How do I know your Natwest? Well madam if you check the number on the back of this card it is the same as the one I’m calling from. I was then asked to confirm my 4 latest transactions, which I could confirm were all correct.


Hmmm Definitely my bank? I was asked to transfer to my NEW account which was being set up as my old one was under attack, I see my accounts changed in front of my eyes online to “Closed Accounts”. Got off the phone thinking awesome I have saved my banking from being hacked.

Monday came, The REAL Natwest text me of suspicious activity. My Heart dropped, I had simply been scammed. We all work super hard to earn what we earn and I thought stupid that I had let someone basically tell me to send my Money to them. It was enough to make a big difference.


The case was of course registered to Natwest Fraud. Second to this which was probably even scarier?! How had they hacked into my online banking and they now had all my details. The Thursday after I had a notification of a Loan agreement, they had also now stolen my identity to try and take out a big loan.


Scary stuff not going to lie this sent me into a silent 6 weeks why I dealt with the wait for the case to be sorted. Hats off Natwest did Return rightfully the funds.


Moral of this email, A. I wanted you to know that I had not forgotten or ignored my Blog. B. Stay Secure answering your phone it is not only the very elderly that get scammed. C. Play attention to your banking closely as the scams are going on all the time.


I look forwards to writing you my next blog which will be more of a happy one 😉






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