Client Stories & Testimonials

 Jayne, 37. Head of Merchandising.

I started training with Jo a couple of years ago. I wanted to improve my fitness for two reasons – for general overall health, but also to improve my confidence and body image.

I had Breast Cancer 6 years ago and the treatment and ongoing medication meant that I had put on some weight, but also drove me to want to be as fit and healthy as possible.  

Jo has really helped build up my confidence in the gym and also has a great holistic approach – giving advice on nutrition and general wellness too!

She did her research and understood what limitations I might have to start with- and tailored her approach to my training.  

Now I feel like I am just the same as anyone else.

in the gym- and am capable of anything with the right guidance!


Jaynes Journey:

  • We fully discussed Jaynes needs and assessed Jaynes limitations
  • A program was built bespoke to her needs and capabilities
  • Jayne started training 2 sessions per week
  • Increased to 3 sessions more recently
  • From never having trained in the weights area before, Jayne is now super confident and Performs


Heather, 27. Greater Anglia Customer Services Advisor. 

I train with Jo because I have a hearing impairment, Asthma, and Dyspraxia. 

Jo has been simply amazing. She has motivated me and increased my confidence. 

Tailored an exercise programme that increases my fitness levels but also adapted it carefully so 

I was able to exercise safely, which resulted in having a stronger and better-coordinated body composition overall. 

Jo also tailored a nutrition plan that suited my busy hectic work schedule. I am now able to eat healthily and create simple meals quickly without needing to eat junk anymore. 

She has worked tirelessly and nothing is too much for her. 

I appreciate the hard work she has put in to help me overcome these barriers.


Heathers Journey

  • Training in the gym 3 sessions per week
  • After an assesment fully of her needs, a plan was put in place
  • A structured but simple plan to follow allowed Heather to train without fear on her own.
  • Educating Heather about her food choices and the quality of her food has allowed her to loose body fat but essentially more energy day to day.
  • Her confidence has grown tremendously, and her anxiety very much more controlled.


 Reece, 23. PGA Golf Pro.

I decided to see Jo after eating what I like not really training feeling pretty crappy about myself. 

Decided I needed to start eating better and getting a proper routine in the gym! 

I am so happy, now having the ability to execute exercises how they should be and being able to use muscles effectively. 

Something I didn’t understand how to before I started training with Jo. As a guy building my chest, shoulders and Back where of course my priorities.

From then to now it’s made me feel so much better about myself! 

Now I’m looking to improve month to month in my training which has made really enjoy it. Looking forward to the future!


Reeces Journey

  • Reece came into me after having trained in the gym for a couple of years but not seen the changes he wanted.
  • Reece trains 4 times per week on a changeable split.
  • After an assessment of current training plans and sessions, we made it a first and foremost goal to focus on execution.
  • Areas such as the chest which were underdeveloped where due to Reece’s knowledge in performing a press and pushing load specifically from the chest. Something that is very common in the gym.
  • After focusing on execution and the importance of stabilising the body Reece was able to execute with a higher skill level and then load.
  • We worked then on improving food quality and setting a simple meal structure plan which was simple for Reece to follow.

Kay, 41. Busy Mum of 2.

Feeling quite negative and lacking confidence in my post-baby body I found Jo, who went above and beyond as a PT. 

Each session with her I was building a much better understanding of my health and well being physically and mentally. Her personal approach is second to none, all through her professional guidance in and out of the gym. 

In my journey with Jo, I have learned so much about the aches and pains of my body, how the sessions are making my body stronger and achieving the goal we both set out when I first started.



Casey, 32. Director of Child PR.

I wanted to work with a PT after the birth of my third child. I wanted to feel strong again as three children in short succession had really weakened my body. 

I had tried other trainers in the past but found Jo online and we’ve now worked together for a year. 

She understood my limitations in terms of working around the kids and has used the time that we have together each week to achieve my target in terms of strength.  

Working with a female trainer who understands my body and how best to achieve what I needed has been an amazing experience and shown me that shortcuts to weight loss, strength are not sustainable.


Tilly, 18. Trainee Physical Education Teacher.

 When I started with Jo I had 0 knowledge of what exercises will enable me to reach my goals of dropping body fat and gaining a stronger looking body shape. 

She worked week to week transforming my body and giving me the knowledge I didn’t have of training in a gym. 

However, after 1 month of Jo training me I already felt like a different person.

She really gave me a confidence boost into my journey of transforming my shape and a year later I was so happy with the progress I had made. 

I know for a fact I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help of Jo.

Jess, 26. Senior Financial Administrator.

From Jess’s Instagram Post.













If you’re still unsure, please read a selection of other testimonials provided by some of my clients who I have provided training and coaching services to. I train a variety of clientele with different needs and wants. My clients are not just subjected to an hour of training and advice, my service provides more than that – motivation week on week, nutritional support and continual support mentoring them through their journey.


One Day very soon, I believe you will see Jo’s Army of super toned clients leading the way in Brentwood. This is one Personal Trainer who doesn’t need a celebrity profile. Jo is there to share your dream and make it come true.

Helen Cain, January 2016

Joanne Elley, My Personal Trainer is simply Great. I can happily recommend to both beginners and experienced trainers! She is very understanding and treats every client with great attention to detail. She tailor makes the programme schedule to the individual’s needs and circumstances. She encourages me gently but insists I push myself in each class to realize my own strengths a and Weaknesses.

Shylu Gadikoppula, February 2016

Jo is an Inspirational Woman and Personal Trainer. Jo was there for me when I needed her during my training for the London Triathlon. Despite my exhausting and difficult day job, Jo was extremely flexible and prepared me not only Physically but Mentally as well. Her Friendly persona, Knowledge, and professionalism shined throughout. I felt extremely lucky to be trained by Jo and I would choose her again in a heartbeat for my next challenge. Jo’s training plan was bespoke to me which really meant she really understood my abilities well. “Jo Made Me into a Triathlete, What has YOUR PT done for YOU?”

Paul Baum, November 2015

Joanne PT has been a Trainer for myself over the last year as I needed help in achieving a different outlook to my day to day training. Joanne has helped me no end in focusing on another way of training other than my usual and mundane training programme. She has been able to convert me from just purely cardio focused on adapting the benefits of training with weights. I have definitely benefited from all her help and knowledge and would strongly recommend her to anyone wanting to further their fitness achievements.

Mrs T Ayling, January 2016

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