Terms and Conditions

Personal Training Terms and Conditions

  1. Project XX: Strong (Online Training) sessions not attended will result in forfeiture of the session and a loss of the financial investment at the rate of one session. Cancellations can be made to 07739232282.
  2. In the Event of Holidays/Covid, Payment date will be extended as needed to be.
  3. If you arrive late you will receive the remaining scheduled session time.
  4. The expiration policy requires completion of all Project XX: Strong (Online Training) sessions within 90 days.

    package from the date of the purchase/contract. Project XX: Strong (Online Training) are void after this time period. Project XX: Strong (Online Training) training refunds will NOT be issued for any reason, including to relocation, change or circumstances and, illness.

  5. Total package price must be paid for prior to the sessions taking place. Payment methods accepted are Cash and Direct Debit, set up, via Go Cardless. Or Online via Stripe.
  6. Disclaimer: I can only be responsible for the results and changes made to the body if all recommendations are taken into use. I will not be held responsible for over eating and under training when not under my supervision.
  7. Prices of sessions will not change without formal notice.
  8. All bookings are a minimum of 90 day Contract for training, Total package price must be paid in Full.
  9. Sessions Not attended during the month shall not carry over, unless they can be re scheduled in

    the same week.


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