Make Up are you a Fan? Feel the need to wear it? TRINNY LONDON.

Saturday just was gone I took a trip to Selfridges London with my Lovely Mum. My mum is like a soul mate and I love spending time with her.

I and My Mum have always been into Fashion and Like to look nice like we all do. Do you remember Trinny and Susannah? The stylists.

I follow Trinny Closely on Instagram and YouTube, I love her look and style and I find her pretty funny to watch she is a bit of a character. Trinny a while back launched her make up Line Trinny London.

It isn’t like any other makeup range out there I must say. I had viewed it online and was ensure as it seemed pricey for what it is.

How wrong was I? I was very lucky to book my mum and me in for exclusive appointments available at Selfridges Stores London, Birmingham and Manchester If you are interested they are there just until Wednesday the 10th I believe.

They have a fantastic system called Match 2 Me which sets out your hair color, Eye color, and skin tone to the products that will match and enhance your own complexion. This is then saved as a profile on there database and website.

The fantastic thing is all of the there products are applied via fingertips, so no need to use brushes and have a large bag of everything to carry around.

Here are the products I purchased:

A Foundation, Bronzer, Lip 2 Cheek and a simple everyday eyeshadow.


I will recommend anyone giving these a go as I like to feel as though I don’t have much makeup on when I’m working and are limited to time first thing in the morning.

Love this photo was lucky to see her just before we left, She is mega tall in those Stella’s.

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