About Me

Who am I?

I am a woman based in Brentwood, Essex who is unique. I don’t follow any crowd unlike many sadly today. In my work as a Personal Trainer/Coach and daily life; I am a professional fun individual who very much cares about giving my clients the best service so that you can join me in being strong, empowered, curvaceous, happy and confident.

I love to live life just like you do, I am also a woman who has had anxiety, stressful times – been there and done it. I can also feel insecure at times, as a female or male there are times at which we feel a little less like we should and after all we are all human that have emotions.

I am a VERY strong believer in living life and that if you enjoy the odd drink socially then so be it, we will work it into your diet and your continual development journey.

Degree educated with a pass in Sports Studies, I have always been very much into my sport, health and fitness. My actual gym training and journey began after having key hole surgery on my knee where I was looking to quickly rehab myself back into sports. I came across a fantastic trainer who gave me the buzz of really getting into weight training. Bodybuilding often gets the wrong image assigned to its name, the style of bodybuilding allows us to simply build the body we want. Yes you heard me bodybuilding for everyone. Women and Men of all shapes and sizes.

I Fell in love, two feet into the gym. I wanted to be at the deep end when I started. But I soon realised that it wasn’t that simple. As a professional I am constantly continuing my education and knowledge in order be the best.

Why I do, What I do:

Its pretty simple – no gimmicks. I wish for every woman to come to be and feel confident, empowered, strong mentally and of course physically. I give you your “TIME”, by this I mean you spend time looking after yourself, looking after your health and getting that all essential vitality in life that you currently need or want to get back.

We work on shifting all those doubts and insecurities aside to make you happy day in and day out. This allows you to feel like you have that lust for life back and purpose, no longer feeling lost, as I know you currently have those days if your reading this.

Why am I Different?

Let me tell you its simple, I serve you and everyone with the same high standards to fit your needs. I do not believe in one size fits all. NO GENERIC BULL. I listen to your needs as we are all different.

See I told you it was simple. Why would you choose me? Why wouldn’t you?

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